The RISE Program helps to build bridges to treatment. If someone has or appears to have mental health problems and is unable or unwilling to access help, RISE can help.

The RISE Program is offered by Ventura County Behavioral Health specifically to encourage and enable people in these situations to get assessment and treatment. The field-based outreach team makes contact, then provides ongoing support in navigating any challenges to accessing care. And it’s not just one-time assistance – the RISE team follows up with clients as needed and may be closely involved with case management. 

If a person is experiencing a moderate or high-risk crisis – if their words or behaviors suggest they may harm themselves or others, or if they appear to be gravely disabled – do not contact RISE. Contact the Crisis Team at 1-866-998-2243.

See the RISE brochure for more information.



To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call: